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Focused on the Basics

To achieve and sustain growth, a company needs to routinely invest in enhancing the fundamentals and foundation of its business. StoneCreek’s process starts with identifying the basic elements that can solidify the company’s foundation and enable the company to build on its strengths.

One of the key elements of our investment process is working alongside management to prepare a detailed operating and strategic plan that outlines the key tactical and operational imperatives required to achieve and maintain targeted growth objectives. This process has many benefits, including producing a road map that is supported by all stakeholders.

Equally important, we bring the discipline of financial and operational reporting to the companies we invest in, so that management can accurately report against the approved business plan. We have developed a proprietary reporting format that reflects the best practices of numerous companies and that tracks key financial and operational metrics that measure value creation.

While StoneCreek works closely with management to develop these strategic plans and to implement an improved financial reporting format, management is given the responsibility, authority and flexibility for executing against the operating and strategic plans. StoneCreek participates with management in key strategic, personnel and financial decisions and is responsible for establishing and maintaining attractive management incentives.